Dear Tenants, 

Hurricane Irma has formed to the East of the Caribbean. The State of Florida has been declared in Emergency, even though the hurricane is too far away at this time to predict where and if it will make landfall.

You may wish to begin to assess your hurricane supplies, revisit your evacuation plans and take any action as you see fit.  Please do not wait until a storm is upon us to start preparation. We urge you to prepare for Hurricane Force winds. Even if the storm stays off the coast, we may experience heavy, wind driven rainfall.

We remind you that as per your lease contract,  you are fully responsible for the installation of hurricane shutters, for taking storm preparedness actions, and for taking any measures to prevent the wind, rain and/or other objects or projectiles from entering the premises of the course or event of a windstorm, flood, hurricane, hailstorm, tropical storm, or any other act of nature that may strike in the area of or affect the premises rented by the Tenant from Landlord. 

Also, please be aware that any injury to you arising from storm preparation is your sole responsibility and not of the Landlord. In the event of damage to Landlord’s property due to Tenant’s storm preparations, that damage will be the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenants shall remove all authorized and unauthorized objects from the immediate premises that may become projectiles in a storm, such as deck chairs, potted plants, patio benches and any items on a balcony, lanai, patios and/or breezeways of the rental premises. These items should be placed inside the property and returned to the outside only when it is safe to do so. In no event, shall any motorcycle, scooter, gas grill, or other item containing gasoline or other fuel, be stored inside in the rental premises. These items must be removed completely from the premises.

At this point, we consider that you should start placing your hurricane shutters. Some contractors can do this for a fee; typically they charge between $100 and $150. Please take into consideration that this price will increase as the storm approaches. Do not wait until the last minute.

We will continue to inform all tenants as we receive updates; however, we urge everyone to continue monitoring this storm and plan accordingly. You may visit the weather channel at, the National Hurricane Center at or

If you have any questions please contact me at 954-347-7445. 



Henrique Lopez
Property Manager

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